Daily Writing Check-in: December 27, 2015

Words/Time: 2.5 hours working on the next (and hopefully last) draft of “Pithea.” I finished the chapter I started last night, but that was only about 15 minutes of today’s work.

My mom read through the current draft of “Pithea” recently and made some notes in her Kindle along the way. Today she came over to my house while my husband, my dad, and my son went to see the Star Wars movie together. While they were gone, she and I went through about half of her notes. At some point soon, we’ll have to meet to go over the rest of them.

She brings to me some typos that have been missed by all who’ve read before her, as well as some bigger issues. Scenes that she’s having a hard time following because she’s not in my head (silly her) or concerns about how long it would take for part of history to fade from common knowledge. Things like that.

The first thing she said when we started today, after I told her that she’d read through the draft faster than I had (she started it recently, after I started my current read-through) was, “That’s because I couldn’t put it down!” High praise indeed!