Daily Writing Check-in: December 9, 2015

Words/Time: 30 minutes revising “Pithea.” I put the finishing touches on the draft that I did declare done a few days ago, but I neglected to remember the few more edits I needed to make. Tonight I call it done. And now I have remembered that I haven’t finished laying out the scenes in order to find the best chapter breaks. I was using Scrivener for that, which was the free trial at the time. I can use my code for winning NaNo to purchase the full version, but I don’t know if I want the Mac or PC version. (My husband just acquired a MacBook, which is our household’s first Mac. And since Scrivener was originally made for the Mac, it has features on that version that it doesn’t on the PC.)

Tomorrow I’ll see about downloading the trial version on the MacBook and work on the chapters there, while also trying to decide which full version I want to buy. I am almost ready to share my novel with some close friends and relatives who I know are wanting, or at least willing, to read it before it’s finalized and/or published, but I feel like chapters would be good first.


3 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: December 9, 2015

    • Thank you! Finishing this intensive revision has been a bit of a rush, slightly akin to finishing the very first draft, since it was my first finished novel draft ever.

      I would have thought you made a typo there, except that I’ve gotten to know some Canadians and now I know that it’s just a Canadian way of speaking. It still jumps out at me every time. (In case you’re wondering what I mean, around here we’d say, “Congrats on being done with this edit,” a difference that seems minor but it tends to jump out at me.)

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