Daily Challenge Check-in: August 8, 2015

Words/Time: 4 hours,  mostly revising “Pithea.” I worked for anywhere from 30-50 minute sessions at various times of the day today. Most of what I did today involved working through a section that was really unorganized. There was a lot of crossing out, a lot of rewriting, and also a lot of moving whole sections around. Considering that it took me several hours to get to where I’m finally almost past that part, I think it was a good thing it happened like this. If I’d had to sort through this mess over 30-60 minute sessions on normal evenings, I think it may have led to a lack of interest, because I would have felt like I was getting nowhere. So this actually worked out well.

Considering that I was alone in a trailer in the middle of a campground, with nothing to do but relax, I suppose 4 hours doesn’t sound like a lot. I’m happy with it though. Let’s face it, with 2 kids at home, one of which is only 5, I needed a lot of this time just to do whatever I wanted to do, and sometimes that included playing Nancy Drew, while other times it included revising.

At one point, it even included brainstorming ideas for the story that has to come after “Pursuit of Power.” I haven’t decided yet what story I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo this year. It will either be that sequel to “Pursuit of Power” (though I really have only very vague ideas for that one so far) or it will be a story about a character named Jonathan, who is minorly introduced in “Pithea,” but is a much bigger deal in my mind. That story has a lot more planned for it, but is missing something before the climax. However, though that story is further in its development, I can’t help but feel it would be smarter to continue Alexander’s story (which is “Pursuit of Power”) before I get too far away from it. So I need to figure out what the continuation of his story will even entail.

And today was a continuation of my writer’s retreat. I still have tonight, as late as I can manage to stay up, and tomorrow until around 5 to find a balance between relaxing and story work. Hopefully I’ll have another big report for tomorrow.

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