Daily Challenge Check-in: August 9, 2015

Words/Time: 2:48 hours, doing a hodgepodge of things writing related. I spend about an hour doing typical revision work for “Pithea” late last night. This afternoon, I was ready for a break from all of that, so I tried out using story cubes to spawn a story. (There will be more detail on that in a later post.) Then I spent nearly an hour working on getting scenes from “Pithea” into Scrivener in my quest to organize chapters.

All of this was during the last day of my writer’s retreat. I came home in the early evening, spent some time with my family, and looked forward to diving back into a normal revising routine in the evenings. That didn’t happen tonight, though, as my husband and I ended up binge watching the rest of the penultimate season of Parks and Recreation. Still, my weekend away helped me push past the looming section of revision that was causing me to lose all desire to do any work, and I do expect to be back to work tomorrow.