Daily Challenge Check-in: August 12, 2015

Words/Time: 45 minutes, revising “Pithea.” I’m brainstorming what to include in part 4 before the real bulk of the subplot takes over. I’ve finished the “here’s what happened in the year-ish of time since part 3 ended,” and now I want to introduce/solidify some characters and give Missy and Naolin time to have one last conversation before I split them up to go to their separate conflicts for the rest of the book. I have two characters that I really want to actually see in the book, but I think I’m going to have to settle for mere mentions. Though I keep forgetting that one of them does have a big part in Naolin’s half of the rest of the story, so that’s probably okay.

It is very difficult sometimes to have characters I’m already very familiar with, and an original version of this story that I’ve always loved, and then try to make it work in this new world and new story. Sometimes it makes me sad.