Daily Challenge Check-in: May 17, 2015

Words/Time: …I can’t even guess. Yesterday, I spent hours listening to older audio recordings in which I rambled on about plots or problems with some of my stories or story ideas. That continued past midnight and into this morning a bit. The rest of the day I didn’t have a chance to do anything, as we had people over until around 11:30 pm. (Though while they were here I did a little bit of surface revision work of “Pursuit of Power,” but very little.) I don’t have an amount to post, but I still feel it’s worth posting, because I didn’t ignore my writing work today.

Also something new I want to do. Though I feel a little ridiculous changing the format of how I record my work on this blog as much as I have, I’m still trying to settle into what I think works best. I was doing word count for a while, even when I was revising, because I started doing the 500 Word Challenge at the beginning of the year. But so often, the work I do can’t be quantified in words. I just don’t like saying “I ‘wrote’ 1000 words in the form of time spent.” It feels a little cheaty. So I’m just going to modify the challenge for myself to either 500 words or 20 minutes of work per day. Then I can much more accurately record my daily attempt.

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