Daily Challenge Check-in: May 18, 2015

Words/Time: 1093 words, revising “Pithea.” I got through a few pages without too much fixing to do, then came to a more complicated area that will take more brain power. I quit there for the night, because I’m too tired and sick to deal with it. Been coughing something awful for two days now, and it’s just really draining.

Also, today’s my birthday! Fun times!

Daily Challenge Check-in: May 17, 2015

Words/Time: …I can’t even guess. Yesterday, I spent hours listening to older audio recordings in which I rambled on about plots or problems with some of my stories or story ideas. That continued past midnight and into this morning a bit. The rest of the day I didn’t have a chance to do anything, as we had people over until around 11:30 pm. (Though while they were here I did a little bit of surface revision work of “Pursuit of Power,” but very little.) I don’t have an amount to post, but I still feel it’s worth posting, because I didn’t ignore my writing work today.

Also something new I want to do. Though I feel a little ridiculous changing the format of how I record my work on this blog as much as I have, I’m still trying to settle into what I think works best. I was doing word count for a while, even when I was revising, because I started doing the 500 Word Challenge at the beginning of the year. But so often, the work I do can’t be quantified in words. I just don’t like saying “I ‘wrote’ 1000 words in the form of time spent.” It feels a little cheaty. So I’m just going to modify the challenge for myself to either 500 words or 20 minutes of work per day. Then I can much more accurately record my daily attempt.