Daily Challenge Check-in: May 16, 2015

Words: using my normal format, 2000+ (in the form of 60 minutes tracked and several hours past that untracked). The hour I kept track of was spent listening to an audio recording I made last fall and realized today I hadn’t listened to and taken notes on yet. (Sometimes when I have something to work through, plot issues, or big overhauls to plan, or even a new story idea to plot out, I’ll talk through it while washing dishes or making supper, while recording myself with Audacity.) The storyline was the one that I wrote for a couple days ago. There’s no title or anything, because it’s not really part of any planned books. It’s more of an in-between, off-time storyline that gets some characters from point A to a huge, almost out of nowhere point B five years later. I always just figured it works because I say it works. But more recently I started to consider why and how it works, and had some ideas. So I’ve been writing that out, little bits at a time, and plotting ahead before I forget it all. So for an hour, I listened to myself ramble on and took notes so it’d be more easily accessible later.

That led to hours of listening to older audio recordings, which I’ve already listened to, but some of which contained ideas or points that were kind of important but didn’t make it into my notes, so they’re good to remember again. And then I was looking at my timeline, where I’ve inserted events from four different stories so far, and noticed that there was a glaring mistake that ruins several key events. And the fix took some work, but I think I figured it out. All in all, a good day of work, even if it didn’t contain any revision of the novel I’m actually working on.