Daily Challenge Check-in: May 9, 2015

Words: using my normal format, 8000 (in the form of 4 hours) doing various tasks. I started a plot outline for one of two stories I may write for NaNoWriMo this November in Scrivener. Yesterday, I used Scrivener to organize a novel that’s already written and being revised. I still didn’t finish getting it all in, and I’m not sure it’ll do me any good if I do. But in my pursuit of finding out why I should use Scrivener, I thought it would be good to look at the other end of the creative pursuit–plotting a new story, rather than working on a written one. I even did shallow character sheets on 6 characters, and got just a bit of insight into some more minor ones than I’d had. The story isn’t fully plotted, as there is a big gap before the climax, where the investigating and learning the truth and such need to happen. But it was a really good start. Of course, the real test of the program won’t happen until it’s time to use the outlined scenes to actually write, but that won’t happen until November. Given the 30-day limit on the free trial, I’ll need to have made my decision by then.

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