NaNoWriMo Day 17

The Words: 4407 words total for the day.

Even though just yesterday I said I was going to stick to 2500 words per day for a while to avoid running out story before the end of the month, when I got to 2500 today, I realized I was just under 2000 words away from winning. So I did a few more sprints this evening with my daughter and hit 50k! Woohoo!

Tomorrow, I’ll give myself a little break and compensate for so many words today, by just doing one 10-minute sprint or something. Because I definitely have more to write!

The Story: I tried my hand at psychology today and showed some of the childhood of a character who grows up to be a surly, mediocre mercenary. Then we see him as an adult, having to answer for the actions of someone else. Poor guy can’t really catch a break, to be honest.

Total word count: 50,073

Enjoy today’s NaNoToon from this day in 2009!

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