NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 2666 words total for the day.

Half of this was written alongside my 10-year-old daughter, doing word sprints. She really spurs me on! The other half was written in a couple of solo sprints earlier in the day.

The Story: Today’s writing was mostly a long conversation between this storyline’s two major characters, in an attempt to avoid cliched miscommunications. A friendship deepened as they were able to celebrate a big event in one of their lives. Then, just as I was about to go on to bring in the one Main Event all of the storylines revolve around, I realized I needed to stop to explain how one of the characters left things with her dad. It will probably be ordered a little differently when I revise this draft, because it’s a bit awkward right now, on the cusp of a big intrigue, but then wait, let’s get domestic first.

Total word count: 20,262

If you want to join me in my journey through the first year of NaNoToons (with a storyline), check out the NaNoToon from November 8, 2010!

Outcast Release Date

Big news!! Outcast, the second book in the Pithea series, is going to be released on December 1st as both paperback and e-book. I will share a link on that date (or soon after, because Amazon doesn’t always work on a self-published author’s timetable). See the synopsis below, or check out the book on Goodreads.

Deep in the desert of Pithea lives an order of mercenaries. Assassins, thieves—they’ll do anything for a price. They are known in whispers and rumors as the Class of Morano. To this unconventional family belongs one Natos Morano, a member since birth. When a woman he’s never met kidnaps him in order to convince him to leave the order, he will be forced to choose between the only family he’s ever known and his true family that is long gone.

Remiel Azrael thinks his choice is easy when he discovers a woman in desperate need. But sometimes the noblest intentions result in the most unfavorable repercussions. And when the woman’s situation turns out to be more dangerous than he realized, Remiel comes face to face with a demon he thought he’d buried.