NaNoWriMo Day 11

The Words: 3670 words total for the day.

My daughter and I did some more sprints today, which got me about 300 words shy of my daily goal of 3000 words. Later in the evening, I caught a 20-minute sprint with the @NaNoWordSprints Twitter feed and wrote 948 more to get the total you see above.

My daughter decided to make her participation official today, so we signed her up for the Young Writers Program. She set her goal at 20,000 words and at right about par right now.

The Story: One character got some major catharsis today. Then there was a big celebration and some fun (for me) additions of characters from some of the other books, which was followed immediately by the unpleasant news of a looming battle. That’s where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

Total word count: 30,731

If you want to join me in my journey through the first year of NaNoToons (with a storyline), check out the NaNoToon from November 11, 2010!

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