Daily Writing Check-in: June 17, 2019

Words/Time:  2 hours, 20 minutes reading through “Pithea.” for any further changes to be made to the final draft.

I am through page 379 of 467. I have actually found a few smallish, but glaring, plot holes that were missed during previous revisions, including a hefty, year-long revision by 2 of my sisters and myself. It doesn’t surprise me that we missed them, because of how long it took us to get through the book. Details were forgotten. But I am surprised I missed them in the 2-3 times I’ve read through it since then. I’m just glad I caught them now.

I’m into part 4 (the final part) of the book, and based on the average pace I’ve read this time through, I should be able to finish it in about an hour and a half. I expect to be done tomorrow.

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