Daily Writing Check-in: June 21, 2019

Words/Time: 2 hours doing research into what I need to prepare for book submissions, in the publishing process.

I’ll be honest–this was a rough day. I worked on a cover letter for one literary agency, only to realize that I am going to have to spend a lot more time on a particular section for the proposal than I can do right now (competitive titles).

I don’t know how many of you out there have gone through any of this, but it’s overwhelming! I will probably not post every day, so long as my only real “writing work” involves working on book submissions. I will check in now and then, and continue to post Writing Wednesday posts. I also want to do some freewriting now and then, so I don’t get too bogged down in this area, and miss out on the fun of actual writing for a long time. With any luck, I may even be able to post some Monday Moments along the way.

But for now, this is my focus, in the time that I have to devote to writing work (which is a small part of my day).

For those of you out there who have submitted your book to publishers or agents before, or who are working on it now, or even considering it soon, please feel free to share your thoughts, tips, concerns, even just reciprocation.