Writing Wednesday: Prompt

WW Prompt

Here’s today’s Writing Wednesday Prompt:

event (5)

Write a scene from this image. What’s going on in this picture? Describe how the people watching are feeling at this moment. What is the atmosphere like? How does it feel to be at this event? What will happen next?

If you write something from this prompt, by all means let me know! Feel free to share what you wrote, if you want!

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Prompt

  1. Thanks, Kristi!
    In my writeup, I went with a war re-enactment/festival theme. Due to the fleur de lis flag, I have this event taking place in North Louisiana during the fall. Also because it’s in LA I figure there’s got to be some fried gator being sold.

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    • That’s awesome! Good eye on the flag; I can barely even tell that’s a fleur-de-lis (it is, though). I love how you incorporated it. Thanks so much for sharing!


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