A Monday Moment: Explosion

Monday Moment

The door was slightly open when he reached it, so he slowed his approach. It had been two weeks since he’d last been to the apartment, and he really hoped he hadn’t left it unlocked and open for two weeks. What sort of creatures might have ventured into the warm environment?

As he touched the door handle, he had a thought—why had no one going by seen the open door and decided to close it? That was exactly the kind of community he—

A ball of fire erupted from the doorway as soon as he pulled on the handle. He was sent flying back and landed on the other side of the dirt road.

He heard shouting and running. The building was on fire! It would spread to the other buildings if they didn’t put it out. He tried to get up to help. He felt a pair of hands on him, keeping him down.

He tried to speak—to insist that he be allowed up.

“You need to stay still,” the familiar voice of one of his neighbors said.

As he lay there, unable to move or speak, and not able to narrow down where the pain was actually originating, he saw a man. The man was not running around or shouting like those around him. He was staring at Nathan. He looked angry.

“There, that man, someone needs to apprehend him,” Nathan attempted to say. He only managed to cough, which sent new waves of pain through his body.

“Nathan, stop moving,” his neighbor instructed. “A medic is on the way.”

When Nathan looked again, the man was walking away. He noted the insignia on the man’s sleeve—the mark of Grouca. The king would not be pleased.

Prompt used: Your house explodes just as you were about to enter the door.

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