Daily Writing Check-in: April 25, 2019

Words/Time:  1 hour, 6 minutes working on the new outline of “The Seeger Book.”

After 2 1/2 weeks not doing any writing work, in the middle of this difficult task, and then 4 weeks working on it sporadically, I’m really glad to be making some serious progress. I also spent that 4 weeks talking with characters just trying to pin down what huge  things I knew I was missing from the story. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever figure it out, or if I’d have to make the decision to just write as much of the outline as I could, and then leave it for now.

It’s a pretty big win, amongst the difficulties I’m having with work, to have made the progress I made today. The outline is starting to really come together. I’ve realized that it’s necessary to include in the outline the things that are going on behind the scenes, that won’t be in the book, so I know how the timing works, and since realizing that, it’s making a lot more sense too.

I’ll need to work for a minimum of 50 minutes per day to finish Camp NaNoWriMo on time. Even now, in this final week, I can’t seem to avoid taking days off. And Saturday and Sunday I’m going to be very busy. Tomorrow will be difficult to find time too, since I’ll be home from work late, and my writing time is always in the evening. I am happy to be back on course to getting this outline done, so if I don’t finish Camp, this month will still be a win.

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