Daily Writing Check-in: April 12, 2019

Words/Time:  55 minutes doing preliminary work for finishing the new outline of “The Seeger Book.”

I continued the character interview with the antagonist of the book. There’s just one more bit of information I want to get from this person, and then we will lay out the things that happen “behind the scenes” in the book, so I can see if any of it will actually be seen in the book in some way. I can’t quite remember why I thought this was an answer to my missing later section of the book, because most of it is really just lending itself toward a better climax. I can only think of one scene it adds, so it’s not exactly a huge filler. But we’ll see what the rest of the conversation brings.

I didn’t write for the last 2 days, so I’m about 50 minutes behind in the goal I set for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m so over this work I’m doing–this work that leaves me wanting to do nothing more than play games in the evening. It will eventually end, but not soon enough. I’m glad to be making progress though, however sporadic.