Daily Writing Check-in: December 12, 2015

Words/Time: 1.5 hours breaking “Pithea,” into chapters in Scrivener, then compiling the finished draft, and formatting the manuscript so that it’s more readable by everyday people (since Scrivener formats it for publishing companies, at least so they say).

Then while we were at a Christmas get-together today, during some downtime, I started reading through “The Triangle,” looking for any small edits I want to make before I try to self-publish it. It’s been years since I wrote it, and at least a year since I last read over it. I’ve grown as a writer even in that time, plus I’ll have very fresh eyes, so hopefully I’ll get it into a decent shape.

But I think “Pithea” is still going to be coming first, so “The Triangle” will be left to work on only when I’m not in the best position to work on “Pithea,” or when I need a short break from “Pithea.”

2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: December 12, 2015

  1. What’s great is that you have a second work to turn to when Pithea is done. It’s honestly amazing to see how much our styles can change in a short time. We’re constantly gaining new perspective through books we read and other people’s opinions on writing. It’s a wonder we can go a day without feeling as if what we wrote the one before no longer properly represents who we are as writers.

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    • That’s exactly why I feel like I can only give this story one more read-through, and then I need to leave it alone. Otherwise, I may just keep thinking I need to make sure it’s still good, and I’ll never feel like I can move on. I’m wondering how the first half or so of the story is going to feel, since I spent the last year working with an editing group, and learned a lot by the end. At the beginning, I didn’t know all of that, so I wonder if I’ll feel like a lot of it needs changed right off the bat. I hope not.

      When “Pithea” is done, I definitely have plenty to do. Working on the novelette was a recent idea I had, since I realized there was no reason not to publish it myself and get it out there. But I have a second novel awaiting full revisions, and several more partial works to figure out how to proceed on. I won’t be out of things to do for a very long time, and that’s not even considering possible future novels I write.


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