Daily Challenge Check-in: October 8, 2015

Words/Time: 58 minutes developing my 2015 NaNoNovel. I’ve reworked the synopsis a bit from my original plan and given it a more official title. I then set to work on naming the main character’s husband, father, and mother, all of whom have prominent roles in the story. And I have a cast of about 8 characters who are all important side characters, and they all need names. I think I’m actually so used to coming up with fantasy names now that picking normal names that I like is…a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I’m going to make a full post later once I’ve fleshed out the synopsis from 2 sentences into a few paragraphs, but for now, here is what I have:

“Too Many Irons in the Fire”
When a loud, obnoxious blade smith disappears during a historical reenactment, the daughter of a neighboring blacksmith attempts to track him down. Her search is hindered by the rendezvous crowd, her own obligations to the event, and the odd behavior of the other blacksmiths.

5 thoughts on “Daily Challenge Check-in: October 8, 2015

  1. I like how your story sounds. Daught? Did you mean daughter?

    I need to spend more time fleshing out my plot. This is bothering me now. As far as “normal” names go, baby name websites, name generators, and opening a baby name book and blindly picking x number of names and drawing from a hat tends to work for me. If the character doesn’t like it then they speak up 9 times out of 10.


    • Clearly I didn’t read over the post AT ALL before I hit submit. I’m usually in more of a hurry when writing the daily check-in posts. Thanks for pointing it out!

      I spent a lot of time on behindthename last night looking for names. The biggest issue, I think, is that I’m using several people as real-life inspiration for the cast of background characters I mentioned, so I wanted names that would both feel right for the character, but also keep me from getting confused about which was which. This is also something very different for me, using real-life people as a basis. I’ve got them all named now, so we’ll see if there are any protests as I start to work with those names.


      • I’m always nervous about using real people for basis. I use different traits like how this friend is when scared or how this friend acts, but even then I’m crossing my fingers that my friends either never read the story or that they never ask me about the inspiration for certain things. I’m honest when they do ask, but I don’t really publicize it. Hopefully everything goes well with your names. 😀


        • I’ve been thinking about that same issue for the last few weeks. Fortunately, the people I’m basing those characters on will likely never read it. Well, I’m practically writing my dad into the story, but he knows about it. The majority of them, even if they did read it, they may not be able to pick themselves out specifically, because I’m using them as a starting point. Since I don’t know them very well, I only have a shallow idea of them in my head, so the rest of the character will be developed from there. (They are people we see at reenactments here and there, so I see them, but don’t spend time with them.) Still, I’m sure I’ll be carefully considering what I write about those characters.


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