Daily Challenge Check-in: October 10, 2015

Words/Time: 0. I’m physically tired…and sore…and just mentally exhausted. It’s a rendezvous weekend, and I’m technically in the middle of said rendezvous (Mississinewa 1812 in Marion, IN). I was up early this morning to drive out there and join my parents, for whom I work, helping to take money for things we sell, while my dad demonstrates blacksmithing. Normally rendezvous are a full-weekend event for me, meaning that I’m gone all weekend. This one is close enough that I came home tonight. I have to teach children’s church at my church tomorrow, and couldn’t really get out of it (we’re low on teachers), so I’ll go to church tomorrow, then back into my funny clothes and back out to the rendezvous for the rest of the afternoon.

I don’t enjoy rendezvous as much these days because they leave me tired, sore, and often headache-y. And I’ve never enjoyed teaching children’s church because I’m not great with kids and really not much of a teacher, but our church is small and the need for children’s workers has always been great, so I accept the role I was asked to fill. However, doing that on a rendezvous weekend is sort of a conglomeration of stress for me. So I’m taking the weekend off with writing work.

One thing I have realized during all of this (rendezvous season has been non-stop the last 5 weeks) is that writing is somewhat therapeutic for me. I’ll probably make a separate blog post about that soon (in which I may repeat a lot of what I just said, so sorry for anyone who reads this and then that one too). I also have a whole list of tips for the actual month of November that I want to share soon, for NaNo hopefuls (especially newbies).

I’m looking forward to delving further into the plot I’m working on for November, and getting more revision done on “Pithea.” I’m just too tired to do any of it right now.