Daily Challenge Check-in: October 1, 2015

Words/Time: 23 minutes working on developing the plot for my 2015 NaNoNovel. I’ve semi-officially decided that I’m going to write a murder-mystery novel tentatively titled “Murder at the Rendezvous.” I’m nervous about it, because I’ve never written any kind of mystery story. Also because the plan is for the story to be a lighthearted take on the genre, and I’m not sure I’m good at light, comical writing. So this will certainly be a challenge to me in many ways.

The reason I say it’s semi-official is because I am not above changing my mind at the last minute. Some may find this lazy or cheap, but until a month ago, I had planned to write another novel in my “Pithea” world. It’s around two-thirds outlined already. If in the next month I don’t produce a solid enough outline for this story, I will fall back on the previous plan. I would rather put “Murder at the Rendezvous” on a shelf, maybe trying again next year, than to risk wasting NaNoWriMo. Besides, it’s not even like I’d be wimping out on the challenge of writing something I’m not used to. The novel I’ve already partially outlined is a mystery/suspense novel…no matter which way I turn, it appears I’m writing mystery this year.

I won’t post anymore daily check-ins until Sunday or Monday. I’ll be out of town this weekend, attending a rendezvous. My dad demonstrates blacksmithing at historical reenactments, and I go along to some of them to sell his products. The next two weekends are our biggest shows of the year. (This weekend is Feast of the Hunter’s Moon in West Lafayette, IN, if anyone happens to live nearby. It’s a pretty big deal.) This year, I’ll be paying more attention to my surroundings than usual at these shows, because I’m basing the setting of my novel on these events. This will probably be the biggest case of “write what you know” I’ve ever done.

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