Daily Challenge Check-in: September 11, 2015

Words/Time: 55 minutes, 35 of which was revising “Pithea.” Missy and Leahna’s conversation about what Leahna is mixed up in is more streamlined. It gives Missy (and the reader) actual info, but I’ll wait for the opinions of the TCSTB about whether that part should stay or remain more of a mystery. Also, Missy realizes even more about why the bad man who tried to kill them all seemed so familiar. Another point I’m actually not sure should stay.

I again started my writing time doing some of the activities on the post I made yesterday with NaNo prep activities. I did two more of the activities–3 and 6. I won’t be able to do to 4 without remembering to do it during the day (my writing time is almost always at night), and the picture for number 5 proved to be too difficult to write for, since I know who they are.

Tomorrow there will be a new list.

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