Daily Challenge Check-in: July 6, 2015

Words/Time: 59 minutes, revising “Pithea.” My hard copy is a huge mess right now, with notes and changes and numbers that point toward my notebook where I do more intensive rewriting (when marking words out and writing in the space above it will just not work). And a new editing note today cropped up when I decided to go a different way after having already rewritten a few areas, and then had to mark out the numbers that told me where to find the first rewriting. But then I realized I’d marked out ones that were supposed to stay, because I’d been confused about where the new stuff was going to fit in. So then next to my mark outs, it says, “ok” in a few places. I’ve decided I need to transfer these changes to the computer tonight, while they’re still fresh, to avoid being confused by the mess later. So I will start on tomorrow’s goal tonight still (midnight is usually my cut-off for daily writing goals, even though I always feel like the night really ends when I go to bed, usually after midnight. It’s a habit I probably got from NaNo).

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