2014 NaNoNovel

Here is the synopsis I whipped up for the novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo starting this Saturday:

Pursuit of Power

Destry Surett’s death may not have been the accident it was claimed to be, but it was well concealed for years. When Destry’s son, Alexander, stumbles onto an innocuous item from his dad’s past that leads him to question the story of his dad’s death, he is told to let it go. He chooses instead to dig—slowly at first. The more he uncovers, though, the more he has to know the truth. Soon it becomes clear that his father’s death is only the tip of the iceberg, and Alexander finds himself the target of both expected and unexpected forces. Friends and loved ones around him are put at risk due to his quest, but he cannot bring himself to back down. He has already gone past where he thought his own moral boundaries would lie, and it’s too late to go back.


My NaNoWriMo profile.

October 28

Time worked:  3:00

Work done:  Thirteenth meeting of the Tri-County Sisterhood of the Traveling Book. We got through 3 1/4 pages, which wasn’t looking good for a while. Then we got past an issue that took us a while, and just flew through the next page and a half. I also spent an hour in the morning working on the TCSTB shared document in preparation of tonight’s meeting.