September 14

Time worked:  :20

Work done:  All spent transferring revisions from paper to computer. The next week or so will be light, if not in time spent working, definitely in work being done that actually progresses my current goal of finishing “Adventures in Pithea.” Thursday through Sunday won’t even see any updates, because I’ll be gone. I will post about how much I got done during that time, though, if there is anything to post about.

September 11

Time worked:  1:05

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” The gang discovered something unsettling and other reactions are more as they should be. I really like the way the story is shaping up now, with some bigger edits happening. I also worked on transferring earlier revisions from paper to computer.

September 9

Time worked: 1:30

Work done:  Sixth meeting of the Tri-County Sisterhood of the Traveling Book. We got through 17 paragraphs this time, but I’ll have to stop going by that unit of measurement now. Dialog and action make for short, easy to speed through paragraphs. Comparing the amount we did to previous meetings, it was maybe 1/4 of a page more. In the past, we’ve averaged a page a week, and today we got through a page and a half. That still puts us in chapter 1. We’ll see how things go in the future.

September 8

Time worked:  :30

Work done:  Mostly revising “Adventures in Pithea.” I can’t quite decide how I want a scene to go, and the more I sat and thought about it, the more sleepy I became. I did my best for now and will hopefully move past it tomorrow. I’ll get the opinion of my fellow TCSTB-ers someday down the line. So the gang had some more fighting to do, of more than one variety.

September 6

Time worked:  2:55

Work done:  Some writing for the after-AiP mini-plot line I’ve been working on, some transferring revisions from paper to computer, and plenty of time spent revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Missy has explained her realization to Naolin, and another obstacle has slowed the gang’s progress.