NaNoWriMo Day 7

The Words: 2222 written today. I almost let myself stop after 900 words, because my word sprints were feeling like work, and I thought with the lead I had, maybe it’d be good to stop early today. But I figured I’d keep pushing through. I did another 15-minute word sprint, and it resulted in 1000 words. At that point, I was 4 words away from 2k, so I started into a new scene and ended with the number you see above.

The StoryHave I mentioned that I haven’t been feeling this story. Though I had a couple of new ideas yesterday that brought back some excitement, they didn’t work as well in the incorporation. Well, the first one didn’t. The second one I’m still toying with a bit. If I can pull it off, it might just be brilliant. But if I don’t do it well, it’ll just leave the readers with a, “Huh?” feeling.

Anyway, Darcy did start snooping a bit today. Most of the other blacksmiths at the show  are a bit on the snippy side today. When I have more time to think this through, I may try to figure out how best to drop in proper clues as to what’s going on. I did come up with some of that during October, but not enough.

I wanted to share the last line I wrote today, which will be where I pick up tomorrow:
“In the relative calm that settled in after the kids had left, the scream from the west was all the more disturbing.”

Total word count: 37,408

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NaNoWriMo Day 6

The Words: 2598 written today. My region’s Skype group hasn’t been doing many word wars, and when they have, it’s been before or after I’m on for the evening. So I’ve been doing a lot of my own sprinting with Write or Die. I’ve barely even been using @NaNoWordSprints, because their start and stop times just aren’t lining up with mine. It’s weird how things that were so helpful to me last year are falling flat so far this year.

The Story: I had one of those “Aha!” moments today that come when you suddenly realize the perfect direction to take the plot. I sort of had two of them. One is more likely to work out, while the other one I’ve brainstormed out it would play out, and there are definitely some wrinkles.

It all started with this line: “Listen to you, thinking like you’re some kind of amateur detective, she chastised herself. You’re no Nancy Drew, and in the real world, no one would tolerate you snooping around.

Since my story is a murder-mystery, it might seem odd that I hadn’t already planned for the MC to be snooping around, solving the mystery. In fact, I’d specifically decided that she wouldn’t, probably because I’ve been too busy trying to keep things true to real life. But for some reason, when I wrote that part, I realized that it might be just what I needed. I’ve already been telling myself that for the story to have the lighter mood I want, it can’t be so realistic.

And then as I thought about the mystery and the way it all worked out, I thought it all seemed too obvious and maybe just boring. And suddenly I had what in the moment felt like an amazing plot twist to incorporate at the end. But now that I’ve thought through what it would mean, I’m not so sure it will work.  That part isn’t important to figure out yet, so I’ll how the rest of the story unfolds for now.

Total word count: 35,186

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NaNoWriMo Day 5

The Words: 1367 written today. Oddly enough, exactly 300 below the daily word count. I almost didn’t make that much. I didn’t sit down to write until around 11:30 pm, so I’d say this is pretty good. I had planned to write at least the daily minimum every day, even with the lead I have. And just to be clear, though I’m not sure everyone does this, I cut off my chance at words for the day at midnight, because when it gets to the end of the month, November 30’s words have to stop at midnight. So I may write more tonight, but I’ll count it toward tomorrow’s words. I’ll probably try to knock out at least 300 words, which again will go into tomorrow’s totals, but given today’s lower number, I’ll probably still plan to write at least 1667 on top of that tomorrow.

The weekend is coming, so hopefully I can pull out of the funk I seem to be in about NaNo, I’m guessing stemming from pushing myself for 25k words on Sunday. By the end, I felt something I’ve never felt toward writing before–real dread and a sense of just not caring. Now that I know how that feels, I’ll know to stop pushing myself if it ever comes again.

The Story: Darcy went to interview another blacksmith for the tribute video–this time her dad’s chief rival. Most of today’s writing was from the rival smith and his wife’s perspective. They threw around some theories about why she was there with a camera–to steal their product ideas, or some other secrets that she’d then report back to her dad? Then Darcy asked him her questions, and his responses were much less friendly than most of the others’ had been.

Total word count: 32,588

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(The person who does the NaNoToons has been traveling and got a little confused. He posted today’s comic yesterday and yesterday’s today. It’s all sorted now, but it was fun time traveling while it lasted.)

NaNoWriMo Day 4

The Words: 2142 written today. I had so much time to write this evening, but I just couldn’t focus for a while. I reached that word count before 11 pm, and could have gone on to get a bit more, but I didn’t really feel it. I don’t know if I’m still recovering from pushing for 25k on the first day, or if I’m just not as into my story as I have been previous years. Either way, I’m still ahead and making steady progress, so I certainly can’t complain.

The Story: Darcy’s feeling some stress from the situation with the blade smith who was attacked, especially since she’s the one who found him. I’m really not sticking with the more light-hearted feel I wanted the story to have, but I think that’s because I forget I’d wanted that mood as I write. That might be something I’ll have to try to inject later, but in the end, I may just not be able to pull it off. Also, she’s encountering more oddly behaving blacksmiths in her quest to interview them for the tribute video.

Total word count: 31,221

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NaNoWriMo Day 3

The Words: 2044 written today. I started writing around 9:30 pm, after my youngest was finally in bed. Then, after I’d written only 500 words, my husband decided we should drive out into the country a bit to try to see the northern lights. That was a bust, and I got back to my computer around 11:15. I was able to get another 1500 words in with a few sprints on my own using Write or Die.

The Story: Darcy’s dad was confronted by an angry fellow blacksmith, who was slinging all sorts of accusations that made no sense. He was angry, though, and Darcy wonders if someone’s been feeding him misinformation. Also, the missing blade smith has been found, and the mystery has only deepened. He was beaten, buried and left for dead, but by whom? Darcy has an inkling, but it’s more of a wild guess right now.

Total word count: 29,079

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NaNoWriMo Day 2

Quick Tip: (If I have these, I’ll put them at the beginning, so if anyone chooses not to read about my progress, they won’t miss the tip!) So you know how you can update your word count by typing the number into the field at the top of the website? I would suggest that every so often, you actually go ahead and check your official word count. I do this at the end of every day, because if I’m 100 words lower than I’d thought, I want to know as soon as possible. The reason for this is that different word processors count words differently, and the NaNo site counts them differently than some of those word processors. By the end of the month, you could be even up to a thousand or more words off, and if you’re just barely getting to 50k, you don’t want to suddenly find out at 11:50 pm on Nov. 30 that you’re 1000 words shy. So just copy & paste your whole novel into the field that comes up when you click on “Check my official word count” under the “update” button.

Now onto my daily update:

The Words: 2025 written today. I did a few word sprints with after 9 pm and wrote some in between. I spent as much time talking on my region’s Skype group as I did writing. I was shooting for 1667 and went a little above that, so I’m happy.

The Story: After yesterday’s race to 25k, I had left a little bit of a mess. The story takes place over 9 days, starting on a Saturday. I’d written Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and then started into Tuesday. But then I had to write some extra I’d forgotten to include for Monday, and when I was done with that, I got the next few days mixed up and started into Wednesday, with some of Tuesday’s events.

Because it’s NaNo, I didn’t fix the mistake, but instead restarted Tuesday and left the mess to sort out later. So today I wrote about Darcy, the MC, interviewing her dad and a friend of the family, both blacksmiths, for a video that is meant to be a tribute to the blacksmith community in their area. This is the main plot, or at least the backdrop to the conflict. The actual conflict, a missing blade smith, didn’t really come up in today’s writing. But it will tomorrow.

Total word count: 27,035

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NaNoWriMo Day 1

The Words: 25,010 written today! Okay, yeah, so wow. I basically decided some time in the last week to go for a 25kDayOne. I figured I’d be writing for basically 24 hours with little mini breaks now and then. And I had this little hope in the back of my mind that maybe I’d do so well that I’d actually get close to 50k.

The main thing I learned today is that just because I can write this fast doesn’t mean I should do it too often.

Basically, I averaged 2k per hour, for the first 7 hours, at which point I realized I was fading hard. I went to bed, woke up and went with my husband to pick up some leftover Halloween candy. Got back to writing while eating my lunch, never quite got back up to the same pace, and decided that when I hit 25k, I’d call it for the day. That happened just before 7 pm.


This is a screen shot of the spread sheet I kept throughout the day. I took a few notes in case I wanted to remember things later.

I’m still going to write every day this month. For at least the next few days, if I get the daily minimum done and feel like stopping, I will. I came pretty close to burning out today, and don’t want to risk it.

The Story: I’ll be honest. This story went nowhere good in 25,000 words. I barely got to the actual plot. Most of what I wrote was just showing what life is like at a reenactment. If I decide someday to try to do something further with this story, the first thing I’ll probably have to do is figure out how to break some of that up throughout the rest of the story so the main plot and conflict start sooner. The blade smith, Shawn Mallory, did finally go missing, though, and the MC, Darcy, has started doing video interviews with the different blacksmiths at the reenactment, at the behest of one of the older smiths, so they can compile a tribute to a retiring smith and the community he’s fostered in their region. (Yes, the word “smith” or “blacksmith” came up a lot just in this paragraph. Imagine how the rest of the story sounds. But that is the focal point of the story, so that’s just how it’s going to be. It’s easier when they have names, but I figured trying to include them all here would just be more confusing.)

Total word count: 25,010

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And in honor of November 1st, the first episode of the NaNoMusical!

Daily Challenge Check-in: October 30, 2015

Words/Time: 37 minutes fleshing out the minor characters for my 2015 NaNoNovel. After I spend a little time with the main characters and their family, I’ll be back to the outline.

I’ve officially decided to write all day, midnight to midnight, on Nov 1. I’ll be setting my goal for 25k in one day. I’ll be tracking my progress here in case anyone wants to look in: 25kDayOne Google Docs spreadsheet

Daily Challenge Check-in: October 29, 2015

Words/Time: 40 minutes working on the outline and fleshing out some characters for my 2015 NaNoNovel. I’m bothered by how unprepared I still am, with only 2 days until NaNo starts. For now, I think I’ll set aside the outlining and focus on the characterization. I have so many similar-level minor characters that I need to keep straight (for myself and for the reader) so I’m going to work on making them each unique. I’ve been known to start with a partial outline and work on it during the day when I couldn’t be writing anyway; that’s likely what I’ll be doing this year. Only problem is, this being a mystery novel, I need to have my clues and certain events straight before I can do much writing. So basically, I have a lot I still need to do before midnight comes on Saturday.