Book Review: The Mystery of the Candy Box

The Mystery of the Candy Box
Beatitudes Mysteries #2
by Elspeth Campbell Murphy

My rating: 5 / 5
Genre: Children’s Christian fiction

When Sarah-Jane is bequeathed a box full of random items, she and her cousins have a puzzle to solve as they try to decipher the clues in the box.

I’ve had this book since I was young and read it many times back then. Reading it now, I can see that it might have contributed to my love of puzzles. It’s more like a scavenger hunt than an escape room, but would still provide some intrigue for the children the book is meant for (maybe around 8-10 year olds). I like the idea of each book in the series being themed after one of the beatitudes, and that it’s not so obvious that you feel hit over the head with preaching. Sarah-Jane’s kindness for the elderly man who left her the box is carried on as he gives the Three Cousins Detective Club a mystery to solve and does a good deed in the end. This is another series of books that are old enough to be difficult to get your hands on them. I’ve never read any of the other books in the series or the related series with the same three cousins, though I do have a couple on my shelf, but I do recommend this book if you can find it.

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