Book Review: The Big Lie

The Big Lie
McGee and Me! #1
by Bill Myers & Ken C. Johnson

My rating: 5 / 5
Genre: Children’s Christian fiction

Talk about reliving my childhood! As is the case with so many Christian children’s video series that were around in the 90s (Last Chance Detectives, Superbook, The Flying House, etc.), my family owned only a couple of the McGee and Me! videos. Which means that the ones we did own were watched over and over, and I can now quote quite a few lines from each of them. This first book in the book series that came out around the same time as the videos is one of the titles we owned as a video, so I know it pretty well. And I remember how sad it always made me when Nick (the MC) came upon his Native American neighbor after his house had been vandalized. The book also does a good job of bringing out those emotions, as well as putting across the message that one little white lie can do a lot of damage. Though McGee, Nick’s animated friend, isn’t as enjoyable on the page as he is on the screen, this is overall a good short story full of heart. Though these books may not be easy to find anymore, if you do have the chance to read this book or procure it for an 8-10-year-old child, I recommend it.

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