Book Review: The Men We Need

The Men We Need
by Brant Hansen

read by the author

My rating: 5 / 5
Genre: Christian living

At a time where men and masculinity are practically being vilified, radio show host Brant Hansen shares some insight on what it really means to be a man, at least from a biblical point of view. But that doesn’t mean this book holds nothing of import for women. More than simply what to look for in a man, or what to help our significant others or sons strive to be, some of what Brant discusses in this book can easily be applied to women, too.

I think that what sticks out to me the most is the idea that passivity isn’t as victimless as we might think. By living a life of lethargy, with no ambition, we can fail to be who God wants us to be for others out there. As Brant says, no one is exactly like me, with my life, my experiences, and my placement in the world; if I don’t do what I was meant to do, who will? It does make me re-think how I spend my time.

While, overall, I didn’t necessarily connect with this book as much as I did Brant’s previous books, that’s not surprising, given the topic. Still, I’m really glad I read it, and especially that I listened to the audiobook, as Brant’s humor comes out all the more when he’s speaking the words. I’ve long enjoyed Brant’s humor and greatly appreciate his wisdom and insight as well. I recommend this book for men and women alike, though I’d imagine it makes a lot more sense for Christ-followers. Not that it’s a requirement, by any means, and is especially not for Brant’s podcast, in his podcast, The Brant & Sherri Oddcast, which I also recommend.

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