Book Review: Dad Is Fat

Dad Is Fat
by Jim Gaffigan

My rating: 4 / 5
Genre: Parenting humor

Comedian Jim Gaffigan shares what he’s learned about parenting in his time so far as a dad of 5 kids, living in NYC, in a 2-bedroom apartment. There is plenty of opportunity to see the humor in that situation.

While a lot of what he deals with doesn’t really relate to me (I have 2 kids in a 3-bedroom house in rural Indiana), it’s still a fun read. It’s basically a series of essays with a range of topics from pregnancy to playdates to the sheer noise involved with having a house full of kids.

I’ve liked Jim Gaffigan’s comedy for quite a few years, and I think that seeing a lot of his stand-up helped with the enjoyment of the book. Make sure you read the Foreward with Gaffigan’s “audience member” voice in mind, for example. I wouldn’t say you have to have seen his stand-up to appreciate the book, but if you haven’t, you should just check him out anyway.

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