Daily Writing Check-in: March 22, 2019

I actually have no writing work of any kind to report, but I wanted to post to just say that I’m still here, and haven’t fallen into a writing hole. Since I’ve had this blog, I have seen those times where I do well writing almost every day for a stretch, and then just stop for months at a time. And one of those times turned into almost 3 years away.

This break so far has lasted about 10 days. The first few days I skipped were due to major stress related to my job. By evening, when I normally get to my writing work, I just wanted to do something mindless during my free time. That situation dragged on, and has actually led to me basically quitting my job, only agreeing to stay on in a minor capacity. Looking back and seeing how often, even in the last few months when I’ve had a better writing habit again, I skipped a day because of work, I can see why this was a good decision. Not because it kept me from my writing work, but because most of the time that I skipped a day or two, it was because of having a very rough day at work. And because of what I know causes that stress, it’s time to move on.

Though I do have what could be up to 2 months ahead of me before I can fully step down from my main duties, due to needing to train others, and help the company get past certain things that I am best-suited to help them with, I am already somewhat less stressed than I have been in a long time, just simply by making this decision.

Moving on, I didn’t do any writing work today, because I was gone until too late to get to it. Tomorrow is a maybe, because I have to work until evening and get up super early on Sunday. But I do plan to take some time on Sunday and really dive back into what I was last working on. I do not want this to turn into a prolonged break.

I also think it is likely that part of the reason that I dropped off so completely is that the current task I am working on is turning out to be very difficult. In my last post, I said that the goal I am currently working toward is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. So since the difficulties of the next few months are likely to continue to take an emotional toll on me, I need to be careful to not push myself  to do more in a day than my brain can handle, when working on an already difficult task.