Daily Challenge Check-in: April 28, 2015

Words: 1574 revising “Pithea” with two of my sisters over Skype. Also known as the 38th meeting of the Tri-County Sisterhood of the Traveling Book. We got through about 4 3/4 pages of double-spaced text. We felt like it should have been more than that, but we deleted whole paragraphs at one point. One of the members said we should consider today’s session more like 5 3/4 pages, so really, more like 6.

Something to note for anyone reading this, I’ve been getting back into my writing lately. I’d slacked off for maybe 2 months, and had looked forward to Camp NaNo bringing me back into it. Then my family had a minor crisis on March 31st, and during the first week or so of Camp, I just couldn’t get my head in the right space. In the last few weeks, I’ve been doing more work again, which means I should be posting here more regularly. But I haven’t been, I think because I still feel like it’s not regular enough. Camp ends in 2 days, and hopefully I will find myself with a more regular writing/revising pace afterward. We’ll see.

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