Daily Challenge Check-in: January 2, 2015

Words: 252 written. Nothing story-related, just some dream journaling. But since I was sick all day and had to work, I was glad to have at least done something.

Today’s was actually the 7th entry in the notebook I keep next to my bed and have turned into a dream journal. I started writing down dreams on Dec. 1 of last year. An exercise in my Now Write! book was to write for 12 minutes as soon as you wake up, without thinking, recording what you dreamed about. It suggests doing that every morning, even when you can’t remember a dream, to then write what you think you may have dreamed about. I don’t always have 12 minutes to spare in the morning, and I definitely don’t have the mental capacity to make up something out of nowhere when I first wake up. So I’ve stuck to only writing when I can remember a dream, and it’s vivid enough or striking enough to be worth writing down (so no jumbled messes or dreams where I can remember a couple of elements but would take two sentences to write out).

The great thing about the challenge I’m doing is that if you don’t get all your words in, you’re not behind for the next day. You start every day new. Really, it’s in the rules. So though I didn’t meet the 500 words today, I don’t have to try for 750 tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow–though I’m not feeling well, I’m hoping to get some real revising done on “Adventures in Pithea” tomorrow.