May 24

Time worked:  :35

Work done:  Timeline for Pursuit of Power.  I’ve decided that seven months is far too long to wander a moderate-sized desert in search of something, which means my timelines aren’t meshing like I’d hoped. I haven’t decided which storyline needs altered though.

May 16

Time worked:  :39,  plus unknown time spent trying to figure out how to progress in the currently stalled plot outline of Pursuit of Power. I forgot my iPod at work, so I passed the time trying to figure out what Alexander and Leahna should be up to when they show up in part four of the first novel.

Work done:  All timeline. I’ve only got a few entries to make at the very end of the story, and then it’s completely mapped out on the timeline. Then I’ll have nothing left to do but figure out that blasted Pursuit of Power issue. Crap.


May 13

Time worked:  :53

Work done:  Timeline for the Series, finally into part 4 (the final part). If all goes well, I should be able to finish it tomorrow. Then I only have a bit more outline for Pursuit of Power left to plan before I should be able to go on to the second read-through of the novel.

May 12

Time worked:  1:20

Work done:  All timeline for the Series. I’ll admit some of that was spent just trying to figure out how to make the program I’m using do what I want it to do. Still, it was a lot of time spent on my writing work.

May 11

Time worked:  2:24

Work done:  Worked on the outline for Pursuit of Power…still not caught up to the last place it intersects with the Series (one of a few working titles for the novel I’ve already written and am currently revising), which is still waiting for a second read-through. Also spent some time working on the timeline specifically for the events in the Series. Once these two things are finally done, I will start the second read-through.

Incidentally, I realized today that the plot I’m outlining (Pursuit of Power) will very possibly end up being my NaNoWriMo novel for this November. It’ll be the most prepared I’ve ever been for a NaNo month, and that’s considering I was pretty darn prepared last year.

May 10

Time worked:  1:00

Work done:  Mostly worked on outline for Pursuit of Power plot, and spent some time fixing and adding to timeline. I’m close to the part in Pursuit of Power that will line up with part 4 of the novel I’m revising. Once I know more definitively what will be happening during that point in Pursuit of Power, I think I’ll be ready to start on the next read-through of the current story. Though I may want to do more detailed work on the timeline too. So far I’ve mostly been doing broad points, making sure multiple stories line up okay, but I think I should do a more in-depth timeline of the “Series” before I read through it again.

May 1

Time worked:  1:00

Work done:  Started creating timeline with new program, with high hopes that it will be easier to maintain than the one I made in Excel. Also trying to work through next few scenes in Pursuit of Power, from where I last left off.