NaNoWriMo Day 23

The Words: 4323 words today, starting with a 10-minute sprint with my daughter, who was at the end of her writing time for the evening by then. Then I did a sprint myself and joined in with the @NaNoWordSprints feed on Twitter for a 15-minute sprint and then a #1k30 sprint. That last one ended 15 minutes before midnight, and when I entered my total words from it, I saw I’d just squeaked by the 50k mark!!

The Story: Between knowing that I was close to 50k words and writing a couple of scenes that were leading up to the climax, my adrenaline was pumping a bit tonight. Seriously, my leg still won’t stay still. And now I’ve just started into the climax, which I’ll continue tomorrow.

Total word count: 50,018

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NaNoWriMo Day 13 (50k!)

Day 13 writing badgeThe Words: 3118 words. I sat down to write just in time to catch several back-to-back sprints on my region’s Discord server.

I realized earlier today that I am going to need to start splitting my writing time between NaNo and finishing final edits on “Pithea,” or I’m not going to have my book ready to submit for reviews in time for when I want to publish it. So today, I still had to push for 3k words because I was so close to 50k(!), but after this, I’ll likely stick to around 1667-2500 words per day so I have time to work on my soon-to-be-published book. I don’t know what this means for whether or not I’ll finish the first draft of my NaNoNovel, but we’ll just see how the rest of the month goes.

The Story: I really enjoyed writing more of storyline 1 today. Though most of it was back to diplomacy between the main characters’ country and their northern neighbor, I got to get into the head of a brand new character in this book (I don’t get the chance to do that much by this point in the series), and even got to write more about my favorite character in the entire series!

Total word count: 50,068

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November 13, 2019
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NaNoWriMo Day 18

The Words: 2,959 written on my Neo.

I wrote all of it in sprints with @NaNoWordSprints. After a few sprints, I realized I was about 300 words away from breaking 50k. One more 15-minute sprint got me 970 words, which put me well over 50k!

Thanks to my attempts to stretch the plot, the story isn’t over yet, so I’ll keep going at least until it is. I’m really excited about this story, more so than I thought I’d be at the beginning of the month. Though I came up with the ideas of extra scenes on the fly, most of them are going to be staying in the story because they really do add to it well. It’s been a good month!

The Story: Nathan and Clark had to explain things to the king’s 2 top advisors as well, and then explained to them their plan. I didn’t go into too much detail with the ensuing battle, but I can always add to it when I’m ready to revise this story.

Total word count: 50,752

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NaNoWriMo Day 11

The Words: 7810 written today.

I didn’t get started on writing until 3pm, partly because it was too easy to be lazy when kids were gone and the house was quiet. But Saturdays are the busiest day of the week at my job (escape room company), and while I was not working in-store today, as the director of operations, there is still a lot that goes on through a Saturday that I am involved with, even from home.

I had decided to try a reward system to get through a lot of words–1000 words written, half an hour of laziness, back and forth. That lasted through two or three sessions, and then I got distracted by work things. Then I did a #1k30min with @NaNoWordSprints, and the sprint leader challenged us to move forward or backward in time during our writing. I decided to use that time to write more of Vin’s letters, which are a different timeline than the rest of the story. That came out to 1800 words, and then I was one solid sprint away from 50k. I passed that mark at about 6:15pm!

I wrote a little more after dinner, but then decided it wasn’t a bad idea to stop after that, even though I had a solid 2 hours before midnight. It was a good day!

The Story: I wrote 6 letters from Vin to the pastor. Each of these letters represents an event in which Vin affected the grander story in some way, though 3 of the 6 today were smaller parts of one larger event. He’s basically confessing all of this to the pastor as it happens. The pastor doesn’t know who he is.

Based on my timeline, there will be 5 more letters before the final one. So at least as it relates to Vin’s storyline, I am more than halfway through.

The main storyline took an interesting turn today. Nathan returns to where Penny and the others are with the journals and papers he found in the locked room. They start to read through these writings and discuss how Vin could possibly know all that he knows.

Meanwhile, Cathy has been gone for a few hours, and we leave the others to follow her and see what she’s been doing. This was the 2nd large thing that came up during the writing that I was not anticipating at all. The inclusion of Justin in the story was the first thing. But I had never planned to follow Cathy, and had always expected it to be this big reveal when she showed up with a surprise person.

Total word count: 51,828

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NaNoWriMo Day 12

The Words: 1256 written today, putting me over 50,000 words! Whoo! I actually wrote these right after midnight, reaching the winning point around 12:30 am. Then I didn’t write any more the rest of the day. My husband and I had plans to play a board game together, which took most of the night. I figured I’d get to some writing earlier if I had a chance, but if not, at least I’d done something. And since I’d just reached 50k, I wasn’t worried about pushing it for this one day.

So when I woke up with a headache this morning, which turned into a migraine by lunch time, and didn’t go away until supper time, I knew it was safer to just pass on writing more.

The Story: Police officers have just taken Darcy’s dad away from their tent to ask him some questions. They didn’t mention why, so the rest of the family is just trying to carry on with normal rendezvous activities for now. Darcy is starting to feel a physical toll from all of the things that have been going on, and fears the worst for her dad.

Total word count: 50,049

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NaNoWriMo Day 12

The Words: 3360 written today. And I reached 50k tonight! After a rough day of finding and cleaning cat pee all over the house (cat has a bladder infection), I wasn’t even sure I’d make it, despite how little I had to go. Fortunately, a word war got me the rest of the way there. I had also written 800 before I went to bed last night, and a little more before supper. Now, as excited about this as I am (and I am, I’m just more excited internally than externally), I know I’m not done yet. As I said earlier this month, my real goal is to finish as much of this book as I can before November comes to an end. Last year, the novel I started during NaNo came in around 105k words, so using that as a loose guide, my daily word goals continuing forth will reflect a 100k end goal. That means 3333 words per day, which I’ve already been doing most of the month. Until recently, I haven’t had to really make myself reach a daily goal; I’ve just written until midnight and gotten enough. However, now that I’ve reached 50k, I know I’m more likely to tell myself I can just slack off. I do have a few days worth of buffer, but I’d like to save them for Thanksgiving or other busy days, not just lazy days. Wish me luck!

The Story: Lex found what he was looking for in the dangerous area he and Leahna were searching. But then he spent most of my words today being stuck as to how to get inside. He had to ask for help and wait in agony for a response. Now he and Leahna have gotten inside and are just beginning to look around this hidden, abandoned home that Lex really hopes will hold some answers for him. And it just may…though maybe not to the questions he’s been asking.


Total word count: 51752

day 12