Book Three: Power

Destry Surett’s death may not have been the accident it was claimed to be, but it was well concealed for years. When Destry’s son, Alexander, stumbles onto an innocuous item from his dad’s past that leads him to question the story of his dad’s death, he is told to let it go. He chooses instead to dig—slowly at first. Soon it becomes clear that his father’s death is only the tip of the iceberg.

The country of Pithea, where this story takes place, is part of a world where technology has been banned for over a thousand years. In that time, a mysterious Power manifested as a part of every person in the world. Despite strict guidelines and regulations for the use of this Power, Alexander begins testing his own Power limits. As he does this, he is hunted by the council that regulates the Power in Pithea. Even more frightening than them, though, is the menacing, barely-human creature known as Rusalki. Manipulating the Power for her own means, she pursues Alexander, with whom she desires to join forces.

Current status: Currently undergoing major revision

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