Daily Writing Check-in: February 11, 2016

Words/Time:  525 words of writing practice with a prompt.

I’ve decided to put off revision for a few weeks while I settle into a new schedule, with me working every Friday and Saturday. It affects the rest of the week, if only because I have to budget my time differently, not having those two days free. Two days ago, I realized there were some big things I need to figure out before I can really dive into my first full revision of “Pursuit of Power,” but I don’t have the focus I need to figure them out.

I’m going to keep up free writing as best I can for the next few weeks, now and then focusing that writing on how to solve some of these issues. The biggest issue is how to start the novel. When I wrote the first draft, I forgot to write it with my narrator, a man who is writing from 10-15 years in the future, compiling accounts from different people involved in the events of these stories. Writing from his POV doesn’t actually change a lot, because he’s not in much of the story, so it still reads like 3rd person. However, right off the bat, I have to find a way to introduce him, and it has me stumped.

I also want to do some free writing with specific characters in mind, focusing on a different character for several days at a time. I found this helped me while revising “Pithea” to get into the head of some side characters who weren’t very well-developed. Though I’ll probably start with the main characters.

All of this I hope will give me better perspective on the story as a whole when I am ready to revise again. And I’m still writing, just not on my main project.

4 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: February 11, 2016

    • Being still at the beginning of revising a book, when life changed as much as it did with a new job, has made it difficult to push forward. I’m still unsure how to proceed, how to really start the actual revision (so far I’ve done a lot of surface work that needed done before the real revising begins). So trying to figure it out while being super excited about a new job, and tired after my first full weekend with that job, is not going to work. I haven’t even been doing as much free writing as I’d planned. But it’s an adjustment period, so I know it won’t last forever (I hope).

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      • The period of adjustment is the toughest. I think that, if you can build a rhythm around it, things should get easier. Sorry to hear that it was a dull weekend, especially as you were very excited about it. Hopefully that will change too!

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        • I didn’t mean to imply that it was a dull weekend. I had a blast at work and can’t wait to go back! But after working Friday and Saturday, and then being busy on Sunday, I was all sorts of exhausted on Monday.

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