Daily Writing Check-in: January 25, 2016

Words/Time:  1 hour, 45 minutes starting revision for “Pursuit of Power.” I scanned through the whole story looking for notes I’d left myself while writing. Broad notes that came up during or after writing were written  down. But more detailed notes like reminding myself to explain something sooner or questioning whether to keep a paragraph were put right into the text with parentheses around them. And there were one or two notes that I literally wrote right into the text with no style difference or anything else to make them stand out. It’s possible I won’t find some of those until I actually read through the story.

Now I have a decently long list of big and small changes I know I need to make while I work on the second draft. I think I’ll keep those nearby while I start to read through the story the first time. This will be a broad revision, focusing on the plot and characters, making sure it all makes sense and flows as a whole. I’ll try not to pay attention to sentence structure and word choice now, though I know that’s easier said than done.

4 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 25, 2016

  1. It’s funny how you mention trying to avoid editing sentence structure and the nitty-gritty details of word choices. I’ve been thinking about this recently as I’m going through my own edits. I find it hard to separate and say this draft is devoted to plot strictly, then this draft is focused on character development, etc. I wonder if I need to keep it separate and how to best accomplish it. But that’s just me. 🙂
    Best of luck with your revisions!

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    • I’m not sure how it will work, or if it will, either. The draft is long enough (100,000 words) that I don’t want to have to read through it too many times. But also because of its length, I don’t want to take too long to get through a reading that is meant to make sure there are no plot holes and that things connect well and such. Given the speed of my previous novel’s revision, by the time I get halfway through, I may have forgotten stuff from the first half.

      That’s the main reason I’m planning to ignore word-related details on this draft. Unless something is just atrocious and it’s distracting me, I’ll try to only edit things that relate to plot, character, setting, and other bigger features. This may not work at all, but it’s the plan.

      However, I’m certainly no expert at this. I’ve revised exactly one novel-length story so far, and the way I did it was pretty messy. I’m trying to make things easier on myself and on any future beta readers. Hopefully I’ll learn even more from this revision and when I’m ready to move on to my third book, I’ll know even better how to start revising.

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      • The edit I’m doing right now is set on plot issues but I keep finding myself niggling over the smallest word disturbances. I need to try harder to compartmentalize. I’ll look at it as you do. Each edit is a lesson. The next one, I’ll aim better to stay focused 🙂
        Best of luck!

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        • I figure I’ll leave myself a lot of notes to worry about things later. I actually did do that, now that I think about it, during my first read-through of “Pithea” too. Lots of notes in margins that say to fix this later, so I didn’t have to stop and figure it out at the time. I’m not printing the manuscript until this draft is done though, so there will have to be a good reason for me to leave a note, since it’ll take more work to do.

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